NEW XGEM Classic Kit Car part of New Venture

NEW XGEM Classic Kit Car part of New Venture

In collaboration with XGEM Hybrid Electric Vehicle infrastructure project funded from the private sector a new electric car is to be produced for a niche market. XGEM Technologies, the Research & Development arm of OPERATION XGEM has entered into an agreement to collaborate on a NEW Electric Car project with an existing Electric Car company that will further the needs of both companies involved both in knowledge, people and its resources.

The Business Plan was first established in 1999 and now is ready to be implemented in a shorter timeframe and without the total Research and Development expense required. Time has been a benefit and now has come into play.

The New Electric Car will be fitted with off the shelve technology and suited for new technology not yet on the market. The audience for this car exists.

In the event, the project does not fit the infrastructure plans, it will be run as a separate company independent of other factors but fully funded.

Suggestions for design as to the old classic cars to the not-yet-produced future cars are welcome by sending information to